Did somebody say “Chocolate”???






Chocolate, oh how I love the, let me count the ways…..

These sexy little pops were made from scratch chocolate cake and scratch chocolate frosting (made with unsweetened melted chocolate)……..oh my!  They were dipped in red Wilton candy melts and drizzled in milk chocolate.

Grace & Joy to all 🙂


My very first batch of cake POPS!

IMG_20170415_172049 (1)IMG_20170415_132157

IMG_20170415_193532OK, these are lemon flavor.  They were swirled in Wilton bright white, bright pink and purple and green candy melts.  Some of them were also drizzled in pink and purple  This was really fun to try.  I loved the way the swirl design came out.  I even tried a little “Cake Pop Bouquet”

Grace & Joy to all 🙂


OK, I finally did it!!  I am starting my first CAKE POPALOOZA!!!!…did I spell that right?  Oh well!  A little journey of inviting people into my world of tasty treats and OH YEA!!!!!  C A K E   P O P S!!!

If you have not seen a cake pop, then first thing we need to do is remove the rock that is sitting on top of you…..hehe!!  They are the cutest little things you will ever see.  I mean, come on y’all, it’s cake and FROSTING on a stick and everybody knows that as soon as you put something on a stick it makes it twice as cute! 🙂

I want to make y’all all kinds of cake pops!  All kinds of flavors that will make your head spin…in a good way!!!

I am so excited to see what y’all think of all the flavors and to see pics of what y’all make and different flavor combinations that you may try.  LET’S GET POPPIN!!

Grace & Joy to all 🙂